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From 1600€(except air)

What does our offer includes?

The FUE Sapphire package from 1,600€ includes:

  • FUE (punch 0.75 mm) – In sapphire FUE, the channels/incisions are made with a sapphire blade instead of the metal blades used in traditional techniques. Sapphire blades are much less traumatic for the scalp tissue and enable doctors to make smaller incisions with shorter healing times versus traditional techniques.

  • PRP Treatment – PRP helps to stimulate inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase. Platelets contain specific growth factors that when “activated” promote tissue regeneration and healing. These same growth factors may help hair grow or slow hair loss.

  • Surgery performed by a specialist and a team of highly qualified technicians.

  • Multilingual Team providing any psychological assistance required by our patients.

  • Complete Blood Analysis.

  • Hair Cut – Required for the surgery.

  • Follow up to track the entire hair transplant from day one through the first year.

  • Pre-Anesthesia (needle-free anesthesia) – Pre-anesthesia is a procedure performed before the regular local anesthesia with a device that delivers the anesthesia without the use of a needle, thus reducing scalp pain by  80%. This pre-anesthesia procedure is performed in the both the donor and receiving areas and will make a big impact in patients’ comfort during the hair transplant.

  • Local Anesthesia and any medication required during surgery.

  • Mapping of the areas requiring hair transplant by our doctor.

  • Liquid Silicone wound dressing.

  • Meal during surgery.

  • Post-operation medicines (antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antiedema therapies, etc.).

  • Bepanthol Lotion, Rif Ampuls (3).

  • Prescribed Medical Shampoo.

  • Post-operation care guide.

  • Guarantee Certificate of Grafts implanted – Signed by Surgeon.

  • Post-operation – first scalp cleaning.

  • 3 Night Hotel Stay (at a 5 star hotel).

  • All Transfers (between Airport/Hotel/Hospital).

  • All medical procedures are completed with the maximum guarantee of quality and safety offered by our partner hospital, LIV Hospital, whose Quality Management System has been certified by the prestigious international quality assurance firms of JCI International and TUV.

  • *This package does not include airfare to Istanbul, nor any additional hotel nights beyond three nights.  However, travel counselors at IHT will be delighted to assist you with booking your airfare and any additional hotel nights in Istanbul.

Note: Our partner hospital regrets to inform our patients that they cannot administer a hair transplant procedure to anyone with a contagious disease such as HIV, Hepatitis A, or Hepatitis C.  Also, it is imperative to inform IHT before making any travel arrangements of all medications the patient is taking for all health conditions including, but not limited to, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, hepatitis, etc..

How to book an initial consultation for a Hair Transplant in Turkey:

IHT, your local representative, is happy to assist you with all questions and concerns regarding your hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey.  The initial step will be to learn more about the amount of hair needed.   In order to determine an approximate number of grafts, we will require five clear photos of your head (front, back, top and both sides).

Why a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is the number one region in the world for hair transplants not only for its advanced techniques and hospitals, but also for the guaranteed successful results and very competitive prices.

Comparative Table

Pre-Transplant Consultation 200 – 300 Included
Blood Tests 100 – 200 Included
FUE Hair Transplant (up to 4500 grafts) 4,000 – 12,000 Included
Post-Transplant Treatments 200 – 300 Included
Post-Transplant Follow up 500 Included
PRP Tratment 150 Included
Three nights Hotel 300 – 900 Included
Transfers (Airport, Hotel, Hospital) 200 – 300 Included
TOTAL up to 12,000 From 1600€

Important Note: This offer does not include airfare to and from Istanbul, Turkey.    Rejection or cancellation of the surgery will be triggered if, during the initial screening and reviewing of the signed health status forms, there is any intentional non-disclosure of any medical condition which is not optional for the surgery, including, but not limited to Hepatitis A, Hepatitis C, and HIV.  Patient responsibility for expenses relating to the rejection or cancellation of the surgery includes hotel, translation services, transfers, and hospital reservations – a minimum of 1,100€.


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